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Fitbit Ace 2

Steps & active minutes tracking let kids skip, jump & move their way to a healthier life Kids earn virtual

Fitbit Ace 3

What’s included: Fitbit Ace 3TM Classic wristband (one size) Charging cable Sensors & Components 3-axis accelerometer Vibration motor Ace 3

Fitbit Charge 4

Use built-in GPS to see your pace and distance on screen during outdoor runs, rides, hikes and more and see

Fitbit Flyer Wireless Headphone

Secure, comfortable fit with interchangeable ear tips, wings, fins and an adjustable cable Premium wireless audio delivers crisp sound and

Fitbit Inspire 2

Free 1-year Fitbit Premium trial for new Premium users (Free trial may only be activated with device activation & within

Fitbit Ionic Charging Cable

Plugs into USB port Ideal for travel or to keep at the office Designed and manufactured by Fitbit The minimum

Fitbit Luxe Fitness and Wellness Tracker

See how jewelry gets smart with a tracker that doubles as a timeless accessory and features a vibrant color display

Fitbit Sense

EDA Scan app detects electrodermal activity which may indicate your body’s response to stress and a built-in skin temperature sensor

Fitbit Versa 3

Run, bike, hike and more phone-free—and see your real-time pace & distance—with built-in GPS. Then check out your workout intensity